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Hello! I'm Pia. Welcome to These Woven Words.

The world of books and writing has enthralled me since I was a kid. I read ferociously back then...in a torch-under-the-covers-way-past-bedtime way. 

This hunger for reading, writing and books has stayed with me since then. A day is not quite right without them.

My blog shares this love of reading, writing and storytelling. It celebrates how words can help us to weave meaning, connection, and contemplation into our lives, whatever your reading pleasure.

I’m a mum to two little ones, writer, reader, ocean-lover, and enthusiastic cook who habitually strays from recipes. After years of city life I now live in the Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia.

I still read and write way past my bedtime


Anonymous said...

A lovely little intro Pia. I love reading also and remember that I frequently came to the dinner table with a book in my hand when I was younger. I hope my daughter also learns to love reading and finds out it is a wonderful way to discover the world.

Pia said...

Thanks Katie! Passing on a love of reading and imagination, such a valuable thing I think...

Kirsty said...

I love the sound of your blog - and such a beautiful title!

Pia said...

Thanks Kirsty. I've just seen your lovely corner of the internet world too, it's beautiful.

tashbrown @stufffromthesuburbs said...

This is such a nice about me page. I love, 'I still read and write way past my bedtime'. Me too!

Sandra Kelly said...

Your 'about me' page is lovely! I love the blog title too. Xx

Pia said...

Thanks Sandra!

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