2015 Reading Challenge - A Year of Australian Writing

I love a reading or writing challenge and the ever energetic Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mikes has set a cracker for 2015. 

It's all about reading Australian writing in 2015, and I'm up for the challenge! To be fair, Australian writing in all its forms is very close to my heart. We go way back. I've written a bit about it here. So this challenge is right up my street.

While I can't promise I'll only read Australian writing for all of 2015, I will be devouring it wholeheartedly, and letting you know what I uncover.

I particularly like the idea of thinking about how reading Australian writing might impact upon my own writing and point of view. I'll be blogging about this along the way.

If this sounds up your street too - you can join in!

Go here to read Pip's original post, and here to join up to the Good Reads group. 

The button on my blog side bar - like the one below - will also take you to Pip's post and you can join in - if you want!
It's a reflective time of year, isn't it? In 2014 I read some fantastic Australian writing. Like some of the books below, and some in my book stack here

How exciting in 2015 to be uncovering some new gems, and maybe re-visiting some old favorites as well. Looking forward to it!


  1. I'll admit it. I'm a bit intimidated by this challenge. I don't know why. I've read at least six Aussie novel last year and one of them, The Happiness Show was one of my absolute favourite. Also I'm currently knee deep in the Murray Whelan's which are great. So maybe I just need to get over that. Like you, just don't know if I can commit to only Australian books, I do like to keep my options open....

  2. Me too, but I think you'll do great at the challenge. One thing I think I'll love is learning about being introduced to Australian writing I haven't read yet - like the Happiness Show and Murray Whelan - both of which I'm now going to look out for!

  3. I have wanted to read Jasper Jones for so long! 2015 is the year for sure!

  4. Do it Reannon! I loved it and Craig Silvey is a Perth local. I think there's lots of WA in his writing too x

  5. I've committed to a Year of Australian writing too Pia and thought of you today as I have some David Malouf on my bedside table - Remembering Babylon and his Earth Hour collection of poems. I love reading new Australian stuff and I have a big list but I fully intend to revisit some of the classics too. x

  6. Glad to see you on board Karen and looking forward to seeing what you read too!



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