What do you care about? Link up, share and help!

Last week the ace Pip from Meet me at Mikes posted this. It struck a chord. Head over and have a read - it raises some fantastic ideas about the great, and not-so-great powers of social media.

There's a lot to care about in this world, and a lot of terrible things happening in it too.  Sometimes there's a lot of information and news coming at you from your Facebook newsfeed, your radio, on TV, from Twitter, and via your in-box. 

I agree with Pip that we do need to educate ourselves on what's going on in the world, and see if we can channel our feelings of alarm, sadness or grief into something that impacts positively in some way.

I know there are so many of you lovely people out there in blog-land who care strongly about an issue, and have a wealth of knowledge. How about we share what we care about?!

The idea is to write a post about an issue you feel strongly about, including useful information for people to understand the what and why's, and importantly - what people can do to help in some way, if they want!

Link-up here on my blog - I'll keep the link open for a month so everyone has lots of time to ponder, write and share. 

Let's do it!


  1. It can really get overwhelming sometimes! But I take comfort in knowing that everyday, people are making choices to make one anthers lives a little bit easier.

  2. Thanks for linking in Bridie! I've left a comment on your blog too.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to link to this Pia - writing this post has really helped my with my own feelings of overwhelm. The news is so horrendous lately, sometimes we need to spend sometime focusing on what we can do, rather than the feelings of helplessness. x

  4. Hi Kate
    Thank you for such a thoughtful post, I've left a comment on your blog. So great to read about the work of some organisations I've not heard about before. Thanks for being involved!



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