Humans of New York

As you might know, I'm a fan of street photography and it's ability to tell stories through images. New York has some awesome examples of the art - I wrote about the Underground New York Public Library here.

Another incredible collection is Humans Of New York. Brandon Stanton started photographing New Yorkers on the street in 2010 after losing his Chicago bonds trading job. Originally, he wanted to photographically catalogue over 10,000 New Yorkers, then plot their photos on an interactive map of the city.

He'd photograph in the day, then post the photos that evening on his blog. He thought a few hundred people might read it. Instead, it's become the most popular photographic blog of all time, with over 9 million facebook likes. 

The thing I love about HONY is not just the diversity of photos. It's the words accompanying each image that move me. When Stanton started out he only took photos. Then he realised he needed to capture the unique stories of those he stopped and asked to photograph. Their words became as important as their image.

He asked them about their day; what their happiest, saddest, proudest moments were; what they feared and loved the most; what made them laugh; what made them ashamed. 

The questions were as diverse as the people. I think he did what few others have done - he stopped to really listen and appreciate every individual person for who they are. 

Each image and story celebrates this uniqueness. People's suffering, struggles, successes and fears. In doing so he connects not just New York's inhabitants, but all of us, to each other.

It's an incredible project that is currently on a world tour. Check out the beautiful stories of people living throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Powerful stuff, shared with an audience of millions, for free, through social media.

Love it!


  1. I'm such a fan of this project too Pia (stumbling across it via FBk). You've summed up perfectly why it's so successful... (he really connects with the humanity of his subject!) Well done, I'm looking forward to exploring the rest of your blog

  2. How good is it?! I think he's taking it around the world now so looking forward to reading other people's stories outside of NY. Thanks for stopping by.



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