Jumping to your happy

This week's been a tough one. Two flu-sick little ones struggling through the days. My five month old fighting a rattling chest cough that's kept me awake long after he's finally asleep. The awful, stand-at-the-cot vigil listening to his breathing, worrying if he'll be alright, in those lonely, desperate pre-dawn hours.

A heartbreaking loss suffered by those held closest in my heart. Where words and hugs and love just seem so small against the monster wave of pain they're standing bravely before.

This week's reduced me to 'at least.' At least my little one is not in hospital, and hopefully breathes easier tonight. At least my loved ones can share their pain, and we surround them, reach out with all the love we have to try and keep them afloat.

There was joy in the week. A much anticipated, gifted trampoline. My almost three year old watched his Dad put it together (after much under-the-breath-swearing and strained muscles... those things are h-a-r-d to construct) then busted out his happy dance, before having the first jump.

Then it was my turn. "Mummy!" he said. "You're flying!" 

And in those moments of pure joy, jumping and laughing with my child and husband under a crisp blue winter sky, I really was.


  1. I so hope you're all feeling better - now or soon. These winter sicknesses are horrible. You describe so well the feeling when our babies are sick - I'm catapulted back. And the joy of the trampoline! I think it's been the best buy of the kids childhood. They're out on it every day and love it! Thinking of you and hoping next week's better!

    1. Thanks Kirsty for the kind words, I'm really hoping he gets better soon. I think the trampoline might turn out to be fantastic too!



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