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It's beautiful around here these days. Lots of cold, cloudless mornings turning into warm days. Piles of leaves and trees doing their winter thing. Perfect for getting out in, particularly if you need some head-clearing walks and decompression time like me. 

Sleepless nights with bubba, work, and an impending winter that's c-o-l-d around these parts means I'm making the most of these warm days and getting out in it when I can. The above photo is from yesterday's walk where these trees, in all their winter-stripped glory, stopped me in my tracks. Looking at them, surrounded by quiet, my mind went deliciously blank, stopped its churning for a few seconds. 

In these precious moments the natural world takes over and a stillness is touched. I think we all experience this. The moment of a bush walk when your mind stops and there's only the physicality of putting one foot in front of the other and gulping in the view.

Or standing barefoot in the ocean and staring out at the vast horizon, the water sucking at your toes. Faced with the enormity of nature we are rendered tiny, insignificant, swallowed by the rhythm of the natural world pulsing on around, and in us, if we tune into it. 

There's a delicious freedom in slipping free from our minds' babble. If you're like me and wrestle with words for work, connecting to nature becomes a grounding, a way of moving out of the mind and into the physical moment. Liberating and essential. When my mind gets out of the way of itself ideas float to the surface. Solutions gently present themselves to a problem that seemed intractable at the start of a walk.

We all have these moments. A friend of mine connects to hers walking through Centennial Park in Sydney before work. Every day she makes a beeline past an 130 year old Moreton Bay Fig tree and feels calmer just by looking at it.

How do you reconnect and recharge? Walking in the bush? Running through your local park? Early morning beach swims? Catching the sun flush red over nearby mountains at dusk? Or sitting in your backyard? Do resolutions and solutions present themselves to you in these moments too?

Happy Thursday winter-sun lovers.


  1. Such beautiful words. I have been thinking upon very similar tracks this week - about recharging in nature. Ironically, I wrote about spending time outside at the beginning of the week and have since been in hospital for most of the week with my sick little one - completely removed from all things green and growing. I am looking forward to the time we can all go down to the sea again and reconnect with ourselves.

    1. Oh no Kirsty I hope your little one is ok and you're out of hospital now? The ocean's a powerful recharge. Hope you all get down there soon.

  2. I love this - I have found this autumn has me swooning over trees more than usual. It is just like you say, stopping to admire the natural world is so grounding. And the other day, I bumped a gutter or something in my car and now the radio is dead - it's great actually, as it gives me more space in my head to just be, admire the things around me and enjoy the ride.

  3. That happened to me a few months ago! Suddenly it becomes quite peaceful driving without the radio. It also stopped me talking back to the radio and commenting like I was a crazy person...



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